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Supreme Court Justices and their Bobbleheads the Focus of...


Supreme Court Justices and their Bobbleheads the Focus of Cornell Law Library Talk

Supreme Court Justices are people too. That’s a point George Mason Law Professor Ross Davies drove home during his Cornell Law Library Speaker Series talk “Supreme Court Solo Adjudication:…

The Highest Bobbleheads in the Land!

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The power of decoded law comes to Washington, DC.  How is DCdecoded.org helping citizens access their government and improve their community?  Yesterday’s Kojo Nnamdi Show dove in to America Decoded.  What do you think?  More info below.

The Kojo Nnamdi Show: “D.C. Decoded: Open Data, Open Government?”

All D.C. residents are expected to abide by the D.C. Code, a compilation of all city laws and regulations. But until recently, most residents didn’t have easy online access to the code itself. A coalition of advocates and civic hackers recently released a new website, DCDecoded.org, which attempts to shed light on the inner workings of local government. Kojo talks with advocates inside and outside government about the promise and limitations of open government initiatives.


Seamus Kraft

Executive Director & Co-Founder, OpenGov Foundation

Josh Tauberer

"civic hacker" and founder, GovTrack.us

Traci Hughes

Director, DC Office of Open Government

V. David Zvenyach

General Counsel, D.C. Council

More info: http://thekojonnamdishow.org/shows/2014-03-24/dc-decoded-open-data-open-government

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The first hackathon


I still remember my first hackathon. It was a long time ago…

It is interesting to read the post by Matt Steinberg, opengovfoundation intern, about his first hackathon.

I feel that as a non-developer the biggest thing I contributed was a spirit of curiosity and learning. By asking the…

Remember YOUR first hackathon?